Infinity T4 Water Softener

A high-performance, compact, non electric, block salt water softener built specifically for the UK. With non-electric, twin-tank technology it guarantees soft water throughout your home all day, every day.

  • Twin-tank system guarantees soft water
  • Non-electric technology for excellent reliability
  • High performance flow rates
  • Block salt for ease of use
  • 2 years labour & 10 years parts manufacturers warranty (with us the manufactures service team attend your property for the first 2 years is there is a fault*) you won't get this with other dealers

High-performance valve

Advanced non-electric valve delivers exceptional flow rates for UK plumbing systems.

Compact Design

Fits neatly into a standard kitchen cabinet.
Height - 498mm (19 5⁄8”)
Width - 219mm (8 5⁄8”)
Depth - 468mm (18 7/16”)

Superior, high-flow resin

High quality food-grade resin beads for greater capacity and flow rates.

Transparent Salt Lid

Easy to check levels and refill salt with the magnetic, transparent lid.

Smart Brine Valve

Adjustable brine valve for greater salt efficiency.
Backwash system after regeneration gives an extra rinse


Dimensions: Height 498mm
Width 219mm
Depth 468mm

Turbine metering

Regeneration Time 11 minutes

Regeneration water used 20.5 litres

Salt per regeneration 340g

Water pressure 1 - 6 bar (over 6 bar a 5 bar pressure reducing valve is required)

Maximum Peak Flow Rate 51 litres per minute

Bathrooms 1 -3

Flip flop system means alternate cylinder in use so no drop in flow during regeneration cycle).

Lightly tinted salt lid means easy to check salt levels.

Takes standard 4kg widely available, competitively priced block salt


*Manufacturers Warranty is subject to the softener being installed within the manufacturers service area and correct installation of the product - see our Warranty section in "Refunds" at the bottom left of any page.