TwinTec XL2 Water Softener

TwinTec XL2 Water Softener

TwinTec XL2 for larger homes with more than 3 bathrooms, the separate salt cabinet allows for a more flexible installation where fitting space may be limited.

TwinTec uses the flow of water to operate the control module. This is why the softener can cope with fluctuations in water demand in any application, without the need to alter time clocks or computer controls.

The TwinTec requires NO PROGRAMMING or maintenance other than keeping it topped up with salt.

Rest assured that if you go away on holiday the softener will not waste water or salt by regenerating unnecessarily, it simply waits for you to return and start using the water again.

Simple, efficient and luxurious!

  • Salt storage : 6 x 4kg salt blocks
  • Salt used per regeneration : Adjustable, 900g or 1300g
  • Maximum flow : 80 1/min
  • Minimum flow : >10 1/hour
  • Regeneration water volume : 35 litres
  • Approx flow rate to drain : 3.5 1/min
  • Regeneration time : >12 minutes approximately
  • Maximum operating water pressure : 8 bar
  • Minimum operating water pressure : 1 bar (with water flowing)
  • Maximum operating water temperature : 20oC
  • Minimum operating water temperature : protect from freezing

Overall Dimensions

Softener : 440mm deep / 250mm wide / 500mm high

Salt tank : 440mm deep / 250mm wide / 390mm high